When I first started this blog eons ago (in internet time units), I intended it to be a place to showcase my combined efforts in video blogging and music. This blog seems to be expanding into something much more, and I have all but forgotten about the music portion of this blog. Well, fret no more. It is finally here, and this page will be devoted to everything musical. I will post songs here, talk about the latest projects, host samples, and allow you the chance to purchase my finished products right here on the blog.

Melody Mage Studios
Melody Mage Studios is an independent music label I started for myself and a few friends. As of today, most of those friends have disbanded from the label and I remain the sole artist under the label with my two main projects: Melody Mage and The Leon Rockwell project. I do have intentions of rebuilding the label, but that will take time. In the meantime, it has produced two albums by artist Melody Mage and is working to produce two more. If you're interested in possibly signing on to the label, keep yourself posted here on this blog and on the official website for updates and information regarding this very issue.

To find out more about Melody Mage Studios, please visit the website:

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